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Shop for Neckz products, The Original "Patented" Latex Eyewear Retainer, Two True Floating Eyewear Retainers, a Floating Key Fobz, Fashion and Products for Retailers and Distributors.

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Kimberling City, Missouri 65686

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Get more flotation with FLOATZ, available in 2 styles

Camoz, our soft foam floatz are available in 3 color combinations. Sold individually on hang tags to display from any peg or hang on merchandise strip. Closed cell foam weathers well and is environmentally friendly

Woodiez are a real balsa wood float with a retro feel. They come in 4 hot high vis colors to choose from. Also sold on individual hand tags which hang nicely from any peg or use merchandise strip.

Floatz for Camoz and Woodiez are made in China, attached NECKZ are made in the USA. Floatz; Camoz and Woodiez are proudly assembled in Branson, MO.
Here's just a few of our customers that sell NECKZ.
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Bait and Tackle Shops, Bicycle Shops, Camping Stores, Convenient Stores,Department Stores, Discount Stores, Dive Shops, Drug Stores, Gift Stores, Grocery Stores, Hardware Stores, Motorcycle Shops, Optical/Sunglass Shop, Outfitters, Promotions, Resort Shops, River Outfitters, Special Events, Sporting Goods Stores, Tanning Salons, T-Shirt Shops, Watercraft Shops, Water sport Rentals.

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